Julie Blackmer Executive Mediator.jpg


Executive Mediator

Julie has helped many people over the years through life & business coaching as well as Mediation. 
Julie is passionate about helping people to get on track and fulfil their dreams whilst minimising any negativity.
She is a big supporter of co-parenting where possible and thrives on helping people settling their disputes through Mediation, quickly and smoothly, whilst helping people realise their alternatives should they end up not coming to a satisfactory result and end up going through the court process which can be a costly experience.

Craig Johnson Senior Mediator & Director.jpg


Senior Mediator & Director

Craig has a wealth of knowledge of the court system being both a Paralegal and Professional McKenzie Friend. 
Craig specialise on multimillion pond Mediations and International disputes including internet currency disputes including bitcoin.  Craig is passionate about keeping the every day person out of court with minimum costs to settle disputes quickly and easily.
Craig is highly qualified in the legal field and has gained an unsurmountable amount of knowledge in his legal background and his practice.